Construction Logistics
The way a building is put together is critical to its success. How tonnes of materials are produced, fabricated, brought to site and incorporated in to the building calls for a sound logistics plan.

Logistics Considerations

Key logistics considerations include:

Analysis of traffic routes
Access and the effective use of construction plant
Works phasing for optimum efficiency
The implications of including off - site manufactured and prefabricated components

Materials handling from factory to workface

The establishment of necessary resource levels
The implications of current industry lead times on the project

Just-in-time Construction

The Egan Report envisaged the construction process being more like manufacturing, this can be achieved through just-in-time management (JIT).

We provide advice on the implementation of these logistics, particularly how trade and subcontractors’ materials can be delivered to the workface on a daily as-needed basis. Packaging and other waste materials are removed and recycled for them and there’s also a significant reduction in lorry and van journeys.

The reduction of waste is phenomenal.

To get the maximum benefit from these techniques construction methods and material handling need to be integrated in to the design from the earliest stages, which is where we come in to provide that key input.

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