Buildability and Construction Consultancy in Action
Case Studies
We have completed major buildability and construction consultancy for Ballymore, Bovis Lend Lease, Gazprom, London and Continental Railways, click the links below or opposite for detailed case studies about some of these.

Leamouth North was a major residential development for Ballymore a comprehensive study was carried out in all maters of buildability and construction which included site set-up.

Gazprom HQ involved travelling to St Petersburg to evaluate the construction logistics of this 2m ft2 development and reviewing the suitability of some railhead sites for consolidation centres.

Stratford City needed an early construction traffic management plan which involved maintaining emergency and maintenance access for Network Rail and Channel Tunnel Rail Link and organising and controlling construction traffic.

Cardiff St David’s involved studying the construction logistics for a major shopping complex in the centre of Cardiff.

These are major projects, however key details on a project can be absolutely critical. There are two examples from City Hall, the Mayor of London’s headquarters

Firstly, it was recognised early on that the geometry of the building was complex: it would be difficult to set-out, so the engineer, who was to ultimately go to site, was involved right from the outset of the design, ensuring that there were no problems on site.

Secondly, it was critical that the concrete slab edge was very accurately cast (which is difficult to achieve) in order that the cladding could be fitted without problems. To achieve this a steel angle at the top of the slab edge was introduced in to the design, this was easy to locate accurately and would not move when the concrete was poured against it.

Movements and Tolerances
The management of movements and tolerances are important: it becomes critical when there is a significant amount of off-site prefabrication. Today, advances in computer techniques lead to far more complex geometry in buildings, the examples from City Hall above are ways in which tolerances can be managed,

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